GE A Series : A1255 Digital Camera User Manual

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Basic Functions Menu
The Basic Function Menus of the camera include Flash, Self-
timer, Macro Capture, and Exposure Compensation. The
suitable function setting can let you shoot better photos.
Set the basic functions as per the following steps:
1. Pull up the Basic Function Menus by pressing Right/Flash
2. Select the basic function for setting by pressing Left/Right
3. Enter the selection by pressing Up button.
4. Select a setting by Left/Right button, press button to
conrm the setting and exit menus, or return to the Basic
Functions Menu by pressing Down button.
Auto Flash
Camera ash goes o automatically based on
existing light conditions.
Red-eye Reduction
The camera exposes a brief ash before the picture
is taken to reduce red-eye eects.
Forced Flash
Flash always goes o.