GE A Series : A1255 Digital Camera User Manual

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Red-eye Reduction
Use this setting to remove red-eyes in your photos.
1. Select the
Red-eye Reduction in Playback menu as
described previously.
2. Use the
Left/Right button to select the picture from
which the red-eye needs to be removed.
3. Use the Up/Down navigation buttons to select Yes to x
the selected image or Back to cancel and return to the
Playback menu.
4. Press the button to conrm the setting.
For best results, the face of the subject should be
relatively large on the LCD screen, the subject should be
facing the camera as front on as possible, and the red
eyes should be as large as possible.
Media Center
Press button in Playback mode to enter Media Center
Refer to the following sections for details of every setting.