GE A Series : A1255 Digital Camera User Manual

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Night Portrait
When you shoot portraits at night, or in low light conditions,
ASCN will automatically adjust the exposure for people and
night scenes.
Backlit Portrait
When the sun or any other light source is behind you, ASCN
will automatically adjust the foreground exposure to produce
good pictures.
Night Landscape Mode
For night scenes, ASCN will automatically increase the ISO
value to compensate for low light.
Macro Mode
To capture object detail for close-ups, ASCN will automatically
adjust the focus.
Auto Mode
The camera will automatically adjusts the exposure and focus
to ensure good pictures.
Panorama Mode allows you to create a panoramic picture. The
camera will automatically compose a panoramic picture using
the individual shots that you take.
Follow these steps to create a panoramic picture:
Turn the mode dial to the Panorama Mode. Then enter
the Photo Setup to Select either Auto Stitching or Manual
2. Use the
Left/Right buttons to specify the direction of
picture taking, and then in 2 seconds the panoramic
sequence will commence automatically.
3. Compose the rst view of the panoramic picture on the
LCD screen and press the Shutter button to capture.
4. Following are dierent steps for the Auto Mode and
Manual Mode selected for the Panorama Mode in the
Photo Setup.