GE A Series : A1255 Digital Camera User Manual

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In the "ASCN" mode, dierent recording conditions are
detected intelligently and the most suitable settings will be
automatically selected. With "ASCN" you can always take
good pictures easily.
To use "ASCN":
Turn the mode dial to "ASCN", LCD display showing the
following diagram.
2. Hold the camera steadily and aim at the subject. The
optimum scene mode will be identied automatically.
3. Press the Shutter button halfway down to focus.
4. Press the Shutter button all the way down to take the
Icon Mode name Icon Mode name
Landscape Mode
Night Landscape
Portrait Mode Macro Mode
Night Portrait Auto Mode
Backlit Portrait
Landscape Mode
For landscapes, ASCN will automatically adjust the exposure
to match the background.
Portrait Mode
For portraits, ASCN will automatically adjust the exposure and
skin tones to give clear pictures.
Auto Scene Mode (ASCN)