GE C1033BK Digital Camera User Manual

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Optional SD/SDHC cards are not included. The use
of 64MB to16 GB memory cards from recognized
manufacturers such as SanDisk, Panasonic and Toshiba
is recommended for reliable data storage.
To remove the SD/SDHC card, open the battery
compartment and gently push the card to release it.
Pull the card out carefully.
Turning On and O
Press the Power button to turn the camera on. To turn o the
camera, press the Power button again.
Power Button
When the camera is turned on, it will be at the same shooting
mode based on the last use. You can press the Mode button to
select a dierent one after it is on. When using the camera for
the rst-time, the language setting page will appear. Please
see page 14 or the Quick Start Guide in the package for details.