GE C1033BK Digital Camera User Manual

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Still Menu
In any of the above Still Picture Modes, press the button to
go to the Still Picture menu.
To adjust each setting:
1. In the Still Picture menu, switch between dierent Photo
Setup or Camera Setup pages using the Left/Right button,
to select the page with the function you want to adjust
and press the Down button.
2. Press the Up/Down buttons to select the function.
3. Press the Right button to go to the submenu.
4. Press Up/Down button to select an option or press the Left
or button to return to the menu.
5. Press the
button for conrmation and exit the menu.
After selecting a function, you can press the Up button
to return to the Still Picture menu for other Photo Setup
or Camera Setup pages. Or you can press the Down
button several times to move to the next setup menu
Refer to the following pages for more details about each