GE C1033BK Digital Camera User Manual

The Trim setting allows you select an area of the photo you
want to keep and then save it as a new photo.
To trim a picture:
1. Select the
Trim setting from the menu.
2. Using the
Left/Right buttons, locate the photo that you
want to crop and have it displayed on the LCD.
3. Use the zoom buttons and navigation buttons to adjust
the trimming box to t the location and size of the new
4. Press the Shutter button to save what you see on the LCD
screen as a new picture, or the button to cancel and
return to the Playback menu.
The image can not be clipped again when it is clipped to
This setting allows you to resize a picture to a specified
resolution, and saves it as a new picture.
1. Select the
Resize setting from the Playback menu as
described previously.
2. Use the Left/Right navigation buttons to select a picture
to resize.
3. Use the
Up/Down navigation buttons to select a
resolution (1024X768 or 640X480) to resize the image or
Back to cancel and return to the Playback menu.
4. Press the
button to conrm the setting.
Resizing an image creates a new le that contains the
image in the size you select. The le with the original
image also remains in memory.