GE C1033BK Digital Camera User Manual

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Connecting to a PC
Use the USB cable and ArcSoft software (CD-ROM) supplied
with your camera to copy (transfer) pictures to a computer.
Setting the USB mode
Since the camera’s USB port can be set to connect with either
a PC or a Printer, the following steps will allow you to ensure
that the camera is correctly congured to connect with a PC.
1. Go to the camera setting menu, select USB connection
with the Up/Down button, and press the Right button.
2. Use the
Up/Down navigation buttons to select PC.
3. Press the button to conrm the setting.
Transferring les to your PC
The computer will automatically detect the camera as a
removable drive. Double-click My Computer icon on the
desktop to locate the removable drive and to copy the folders
and les in the drive to a directory on your PC as you would
copy any typical folder or le.
By using the USB cable, you can transfer the captured photos
and videos to a PC. Follow the steps below to connect the
camera to a PC.
1. Start a computer to which ArcSoft software has been
2. Make sure both the camera and PC are turned on.
3. Connect one end of the supplied USB cable to the USB/AV
OUT port on your camera.
4. Connect the other end of the cable to an available USB
port on your PC.