GE C1033BK Digital Camera User Manual

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Your camera is equipped with two types of zoom functions:
optical zoom and digital zoom. Press the Zoom button of the
camera to zoom in or out on the subject while taking pictures.
Zoom button
Zoom indicator (See
“Digital Zoom“ on
page 41)
When the optical zoom reaches its maximum value, release
the Zoom button then press it again for it to go further at the
digital zoom. Zoom indicator is hidden after the Zoom button
is released. The screen shows ( ) for the current zoom
Shooting in Auto Mode
Auto mode is the easiest mode to take photos. While
operating in this mode, the camera automatically optimizes
your photos for best results.
To start shooting, do the following:
1. Press
Power to turn the camera on.
2. In the Mode menu, select the Auto mode ( ).
3. Compose your picture on the LCD screen and press the
Shutter button halfway to focus on the subject.
4. The LCD screen will show green focus frame after the
subject is in focus.
5. Press Shutter fully to capture the image.
Using the Zoom Function