GE C1033BK Digital Camera User Manual

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Messages Explanation
When the camera is used for longer than
the specied time it may be damaged.
• During underwater recording or shooting, the camera was kept under water
longer than the specied time.
Card is not formatted, format? Conrm whether the memory card should be formatted.
This image cannot be deleted • The picture or video you are trying to delete is protected.
Cannot record movie The write protection switch in the memory card is set to the “LOCK” position.
Warning!! Camera recording, please wait. • No other actions allowed to perform during video/audio recording.
Warning!! Battery exhausted. • The battery is out of charge.
This le cannot be played back The picture format cannot be recognized by the camera.
No connection • The camera is not connected to the printer correctly.
Print error There is a problem with camera or printer.
Cannot print • Check that the printer is out of paper or out of ink.
• Check if the printer has a paper jam.