Sony CA-570P Camera Accessories User Manual

The CA-570/570P Camera Adaptor attaches to the BVP-950/950P or
BVP-550/550P Color Video Camera to allow the connection of a CCU-
700A or a CCU-550 Series Camera Control Unit through a triax cable.
The CA-570/570P can also be used to connect a BVW-50/50P/DVW-250/
250P Portable VTR to the BVP-950/950P or BVP-550/550P Color Video
The CA-570/570P has the following features:
Component signal transmission system
The CA-570/570P transmits a component signal (Y/RY/BY) through a
triax cable.
Low power consumption
An AC/DC converter of higher efficiency than the previous model has
reduced power consumption to about 11 W.
Anti-electrical shock function
The high-voltage supply from the camera control unit (CCU) is cut when
the triax cable is not completed connected.
Variety of input/output connectors
The CA-570/570P is equipped with the following connectors:
DC power input/output connector
Input connector for remote-switching of return video 1, 2, 3, and 4
Prompter signal/external sync signal input connector
RCP connector
VTR connector
INCOM connector (2)
AUDIO (LINE/MIC switch available) input connector (2)
TEST/RET video output connector
TRACKER connector