Canon 7D Camera Accessories User Manual

Contents at
a Glance
If EU is not operating correctly, see the items below.
You cannot install software unless you are logged into an account
with Administrator privileges. Log in again into an account with
Administrator privileges.
For how to log in and how to specify Administrator settings, refer to
the User’s Manual for the Macintosh computer or for Mac OS X.
If you installed other software and EU no longer automatically starts
up even if you connect your camera and computer, use the Image
Capture (standard Macintosh software) settings to set the software
that starts up at camera connection to [Camera Window] or [EOS
Utility]. This must be set for each camera you will connect. You can
disable EU from starting up automatically by selecting an option other
than [Camera Window] or [EOS Utility].
Depending on the card reader and computer OS used, SDXC cards
might not be correctly detected. In such a case, connect your camera
and computer with the provided interface cable, and transfer the
images to your computer.
Installation could not be completed correctly
EU does not start up
The card reader does not detect the SD card.
EU does not operate correctly on a computer if its system
requirements are not met. Use EU on a computer with compatible
system requirements (p.2).
Push the plug of the interface cable all the way into the socket. Loose
connections can cause faults and malfunctions (p.5).
Check that the camera’s power switch is < ON > (p.6).
EU and the camera may not communicate normally with a cable other
than the EOS DIGITAL camera-dedicated Canon interface cable
Connect your camera and computer directly with the interface cable
provided with your camera. Do not connect the camera via a hub;
doing so may prevent EU and your camera from communicating
If you connect multiple USB devices (not including the mouse or
keyboard) to your computer, the camera may not communicate
normally. If the camera cannot communicate normally, disconnect
USB devices other than the mouse or keyboard from your computer.
Do not connect more than one camera to the same computer. Two or
more cameras may not operate normally.
Do not connect your camera with the computer while performing
“Linked shooting” with a WFT series Wireless File Transmitter (sold
separately). Your camera may not operate normally.
If there is insufficient charge left in the camera battery, the camera
cannot communicate with EU. Either replace with a fully charged
battery or use the AC adaptor kit provided with your camera. Your
computer does not supply power to the camera through the interface
EU and the camera are not communicating