GE A830 Digital Camera User Manual

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Using the Mode Dial
The GE camera provides a convenient mode dial that allows you to switch between dierent
modes with ease. All the available modes are listed as follows.
Mode Name Icon Description
Auto Switch to take still pictures. (The camera uses the default pro-
grammed automatic settings.)
Playback Switch to view the pictures/videos stored in the memory card and
internal memory.
Movie Switch to record videos.
Image Stabili-
Switch to use Image Stabilization when taking still pictures.
Scene Switch to use a preset scene mode for taking still pictures.
There are 12 scenes in total.
Portrait Switch to portrait mode when taking close-up portrait photos.
Panorama Switch to capture a sequence of shots and stitch them together into a
panoramic photo.
Manual Switch to take still pictures in manual mode, where many camera set-
tings can be congured. (Recommended for advanced users only)