GE A830 Digital Camera User Manual

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Connecting to a PictBridge compatible printer
PictBridge allows printing images
from a memory card in a digital
camera directly to a printer,
regardless of brand.
To nd out if a printer is PictBridge compat-
ible, simply look for the PictBridge logo on the
packaging or check the manual for specica-
tions.With the PictBridge function on your
camera, you can print the captured photos
directly with a PictBridge compatible printer
using the supplied USB cable, without the
need for a PC.
Setting the USB mode
Since the camera’s USB port can be set to
connect with either a PC or a Printer, the
following steps will allow you to ensure that
the camera is correctly congured to connect
with a Printer.
1. Press the button and use
USB Connect
, and then press the
Right navigation button.
2. Use
to select
3. Press the button to conrm the setting.
Every time the camera is powered o,
the USB Mode will automatically revert
back to PC mode.