JVC VF-HP840U Camera Accessories User Manual

Getting Started
Location of Storage and Use
Do not place this product at the following locations.
Doing so may cause the product to malfunction or break down.
Hot or cold places beyond the allowable operating
temperature range of 0°C to +40°C.
Humid places beyond the allowable humidity range of
30 % RH to 80 % RH (non-condensing).
Places in the vicinity of a strong magnetic field, such as
near transformers or motors.
Near equipment that emit radio waves, such as
transceivers or mobile phones.
Places that are subject to dust or sand.
Places that are subject to strong vibrations.
Places that are susceptible to condensation, such as near
Places that are subject to vapor or oil, such as kitchens.
Places that emit radioactive rays or X-rays, and corrosive
Noise may occur in the images or their colors may change
when this product and the cable that is used to connect it are
used at a place that is subject to strong radio or magnetic
waves (e.g., near radios, TVs, transformers, or monitors).
Handling the Product
Insufficient ventilation may result in malfunction of this
product. Make sure that objects placed around this product
do not obstruct its ventilation.
Do not place containers filled with water (vases, plants, cups,
cosmetics, drugs and so on) on top of this product. Water
getting into the interior of the equipment may result in fire
and electric shock.
Moving the Product
Remove connection cables before moving this product
When moving this product, do so after turning off the power of
the connected camera, and make sure that you unplug the
cable from this product. Failure to do so may damage the cable
or cause fire or electric shock.
Turn off the power of the connected camera before
performing maintenance of this product.
Use a soft cloth to wipe the product. Do not wipe using
thinner or benzene, as doing so may cause the surface to
melt or turn cloudy. When there is significant soiling, wipe
using a cloth by dipping it in a neutral detergent that is diluted
with water, followed by cleaning using a dry cloth.
The exterior of this product may be altered or the paint fall off
when come into contact with rubber or vinyl products for a
prolonged period of time.
Energy Conservation
When this product is not used for a prolonged period of time,
turn off the power of the system for safety and energy
conservation purposes.
LCD Screen
Leaving the LCD screen exposed to the sun will damage the
LCD screen. Do not place the product outdoors or near a
Do not scratch or press hard on the LCD screen, or place
objects on top of the screen. Blotches may appear on the
screen and lead to malfunction of the LCD panel.
When using the product in cold places, horizontal stripes and
trailing images may appear or the screen may appear dark.
These are not malfunctions. The screen will appear normal
again when the temperature rises.
Continuous display of still images may cause residual images.
The screen will return to normal after some time.
When the product is in use, the screen or cabinet may become
warm. This is not a malfunction.
Bright/Dark Spots
Bright spots (red, blue or green) and dark spots that are
continuously lit up may appear on the screen.
An LCD panel is manufactured with extremely precise
technology. Although it consists of more than 99.99 % effective
pixels, it may exhibit a very small number of continuous bright or
dark spots on the screen.
Maintaining the LCD Screen
The surface of an LCD screen is specially treated to control
reflections off the surface. Improper maintenance may affect the
performance of the screen. As such, please adhere to the
following points.
Use a soft cloth such as a cleaning cloth or spectacles
cleaning cloth to lightly wipe off any dirt on the surface of the
When there is significant soiling, wipe using a soft cloth such
as a cleaning cloth or spectacles cleaning cloth, by dipping it
into a little amount of water.
Do not use alcohol, benzene, thinner, acidic, alkaline or
abrasive cleaning fluid, or chemical wiping cloth to clean the
screen as they will scratch the surface.
Do not dispose this product with other normal waste
Do not throw the monitor into the rubbish that will be sent to
the dumping-ground.
The fluorescent tube of this product contains mercury. Follow
the rules and regulations of the local authorities for disposal.
Precautions During Use
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