Sony 300PL Camcorder User Manual

Appendix 113
Care of the unit
Remove dust and dirt from the surfaces of the lenses or
optical filters using a blower.
If the body of the unit is dirty, clean it with a soft, dry
cloth. In extreme cases, use a cloth steeped in a little
neutral detergent, then wipe dry. Do not use organic
solvents such as alcohol or thinners, as these may
cause discoloration or other damage to the finish of the
In the event of operating problems
If you should experience problems with the unit,
contact your Sony dealer.
Characteristics of CCD Sensors
The following effects may appear in the image. They
are characteristic of camcorders using CCDs (charge-
coupled devices), and do not indicate a malfunction.
Vertical smear
When shooting a very bright object, such as a light, the
highlight tends to produce vertical tails. This effect is
much reduced in this camcorder. (Use of the electronic
shutter increases this effect.)
White flecks
If the camcorder is operated at a high temperature,
white flecks may appear in the image.
Important Notes on Operation
Fitting the zoom lens
It is important to fit the lens correctly, as otherwise
damage may result. Be sure to refer to the section
“Fitting the Lens” (See page 32).
Do not cover the unit while operating
Putting a cloth, for example, over the unit can cause
excessive internal heat build-up.
Operation and storage
Avoid storing or operating the unit in the following
In excessive heat or cold (operating temperature
range: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F))
Remember that in summer in warm climates the
temperature inside a car with the windows closed can
easily exceed 50°C (122°F).
In damp or dusty locations
Locations where the unit may be exposed to rain
Locations subject to violent vibration
Close to radio or TV transmitters producing strong
electromagnetic fields.
Do not leave the unit with the eyepiece pointing
directly at the sun.
The eyepiece lens can concentrate the sun’s rays and
melt the interior of the viewfinder.
Do not use the viewfinder close to strong magnetic
fields. This can cause picture distortion.
Avoid violent impacts
Dropping the unit, or otherwise imparting a violent
shock to it, is likely to cause it to malfunction.
After use
Turn the POWER switch off.
When not use for a period time
Remove the battery pack.
Remove the cassette before transporting the unit.
Use the optional LC-421 Carrying Case for optimal
If sending the unit by truck, ship, air or other
transportation service, first store it in the carrying
case, then pack the carrying case in the carton
(supplied with the LC-421) or an equivalent.
Vertical tail on the image
Bright object
(electric light, sun,
Monitor screen