Bushnell 119466 Camcorder User Manual

Format Execute
(followed by an
additional No/
Yes step on color
viewer models
Deletes (erases) all files stored on a
card to prepare it for reuse. Always
format a card that has been previously
used in other devices. Caution! Make
sure you have downloaded and
backed up any files you want to
preserve first! Press OK to execute
(then select Yes and press OK again on
color viewer models), press MENU (or
select NO then press OK) to exit without
TV Out
Selects video standard /format for
the “A/V Out” output jack. The video
standard is NTSC for the United States,
Canada, Mexico, Asia and South Ameri-
ca. PAL is used primarily in Europe.
Time Stamp
(only aects
still photos)
Off, On
Select “On” if you want the date & time
(that the photo was captured) imprinted
on every photo, select “Off” for no
Set Clock Set
Press OK and use the UP/DOWN
keys (to change the setting) and LEFT/
RIGHT keys ( to move to the next
field) to set the hour (24-hr format only,
“00”=midnight, “12”=noon) and minute,
and then (on the lower row), the year,
month and date.