Bushnell 119466 Camcorder User Manual

When the batteries become weak, the low-battery indicator LED will glow
blue, indicating the batteries should be changed (pg 6, “Front View”).
Inserting the SD Card
The Trophy Cams have 32MB internal memory (119466 only), which can
hold only about 20 photos (@ 5MP resolution). This is handy for testing and
getting familiar with the camera, but you will no doubt want to leave the camera
unattended for longer than a day, so using an SD card is recommended. Insert
the SD card (with the camera’s power switch in the OFF position) before
beginning to operate the camera. Don’t insert or remove the SD card when
the power switch is in the ON position.
The Trophy Cam uses a standard SD (Secure Digital) memory card to save
photos (in .jpg format) and/or videos (in .avi format). SD and SDHC (High
Capacity) cards up to a maximum 32GB capacity are supported. High speed
cards are recommended if you will use video settings higher than 640x480.
Before inserting the SD card into the card slot after opening the camera’s
front cover, please make sure that the write-protect switch on the side of the
card is “off” (NOT in the “Lock” position). The following describes how to
insert and remove the SD card:
• Insert the SD card into the card slot with its label side upwards (see
above). A “click” sound indicates that the card is installed successfully.
If the wrong side of the card is facing up, you will not be able to insert
it without force-there is only one correct way to insert cards. If the SD
card is not installed correctly, the device will not display an SD card icon
on the LCD in SETUP mode (the SD card icon displayed after switching
to SETUP mode will have a “lock” symbol inside it in it if the card is locked).
Formatting the SD card by using the Trophy Cam’s “Format” parameter
before using it for the first time is recommended, especially when a
card has been used in other devices (see “Changing Menu Parameter
Settings” for details).
• To take out the SD card, just gently push in the card (do not try to pull it
out without pushing in first). The card is released from the slot and ready
to be removed when you hear the click.
Be sure the camera’s power is switched OFF
before inserting or removing SD cards or batteries.