Bushnell 119466 Camcorder User Manual

Before you begin learning how to use your Trophy Cam, you will first need
to install a set of batteries and insert an SD card. Although that may only take
you a minute, there are some important notes about both batteries and SD
cards you should be aware of, so please take the time to read the following
directions and cautions:
Loading Batteries
After opening the two latches on the right side
of the Trophy Cam, you will see that the Trophy
Cam has twelve battery slots. For maximum
battery life, you should install a full set of twelve
batteries. The Trophy Cam may also be operated
by just four batteries installed in slots 1-4 only
(see right), starting at slot 1. Battery life will
be shorter with 4 batteries, but the camera will
operate normally. Whether you use 4 or 12, be
sure to insert each battery with correct polarity
(negative or “flat” end against the long spring of
each battery slot).
Bushnell recommends using twelve new lithium AA (Energizer
brand) or
alkaline AA batteries. NiMh Rechargeable batteries can also be used, but they
might have a shorter life span due to their reduced efficiency over time and at
low temperature. It is also possible to use a lead-acid external battery cell with 6V
output or suitable AC adapter-see below for more details.
Using an External Power Source (optional, user provided)
Optionally, you can connect an external 6V DC power source to the “DC In”
jack at the bottom of the Trophy Cam. It is recommended to use a power
source with a current output greater than 1000mA. However, during bright
daytime operation when no flash is required, the Trophy Cam can function
with much less current (>400mA). Please use a compatible power source
cable (not provided) to connect the external DC power source with the power
input jack of the Trophy Cam, making sure that the polarity is correct. Note:
The power connector is a 4.0x1.7mm coaxial DC power plug with positive
“tip” (inside pin) polarity (Radio Shack P/N 274-1532 or equivalent).
If both an external power source is connected and batteries are installed, the
Trophy Cam will be powered by the external power source.
1 3 5 7 9 11
2 4 6 8 10 12
Battery Slot #s