Bushnell 119466 Camcorder User Manual

3. Make sure that the camera power switch is in the “On” position and not
in the “Off” or “Setup” modes.
4. Make sure that you are using a good quality SD card in your camera.
Bushnell recommends SanDisk
SD Cards up to 32GB (Ultra
series for HD video) .
5. If the SD card has its write protect switch in the lock position, the camera
will not take images.
6. If you have used an SD card in another device before inserting it in your
Trophy Cam, you might want to try formatting the card using the “Format”
parameter in Setup mode (make sure you have backed up any important
files first, as formatting will erase all previous files). In some cases, other
devices may change the formatting of the SD card so that it will not work
properly with the Trophy Cam.
Camera won’t power up
1. Make sure that you have installed at least 4 batteries (the required
minimum #) in the battery compartment, starting at the top, filling
battery spaces 1-4 with no “gaps”.
Bushnell recommends using 12 Energizer
Lithium AA batteries in
your Trophy Cam model.
2. Make sure that the batteries are installed correctly, observing proper
polarity. Always place the negative (flat) end of each battery in
contact with the spring side of its slot inside the camera.
3. After moving the switch from “Off” to “Setup” or “On”, make sure
that the switch is correctly in position to ensure the proper mode
(avoid positions “between” two modes).
4. Do not move the switch directly from “On” to “Setup”-always move
the switch all the way down to “Off” first, then back up to “Setup”.
Still Photo and/or Video Quality Problems
1. Night photos or videos appear too dark
a. Check the battery indicator icon to see if battery power is full.
The flash will stop operating near the end of the battery life.
b. You will get the best results when the subject is within the
ideal flash range, no farther than 45’ (14m) from the camera.
Subjects may appear too dark at greater distances.
c. Please note that when the Capture Number parameter is
set higher than “1 Photo”, or with very short Interval settings,
some images may appear darker than others due to the quick
response and rapid retriggering of the camera, allowing