Bushnell 119466 Camcorder User Manual

*video files may require additional software for viewing on a Mac.
The Trophy Cam supports 3 kinds of file system formats, FAT12, FAT16, and
FAT32. The default value is FAT16 to save photos and videos. Here are some
related notes:
You don’t need to be concerned about the file system format of the
Trophy Cam unless your equipment has problems reading the SD card.
If this happens, please format the SD card with the Trophy Cam or in
your computer first and then insert the card into your Trophy Cam and
try again.
The default file system format of the Trophy Cam is FAT16, which most
computers can read. If you format an SD card for the Trophy Cam in
your computer, you should choose the file system format FAT16. Normally
FAT16 is recommended unless you have another image viewer that uses
FAT12 or FAT32 format.
Deleting Photos or Videos
If you see a photo or video during playback on the LCD or video monitor that
you want to delete, it can be done easily without leaving SETUP mode:
Press the MENU key. You will see the first “Delete” screen, which lets you
selects the option to delete only the currently displayed photo/video, or
all photos/videos (see below).
Highlight the “Delete Current” or “Delete All” option, then press OK.
Next, select “Yes” and press OK to erase only the last displayed photo
or video (if you selected “Delete Current”), or every photo and video file
on the card (if you selected “Delete All”)-or select “No” and press OK to
cancel the operation without deleting any files.
NOTE: after deleting a picture or a video file, the deleted files can’t be restored!
It is also possible to delete all files from the card by using the Format parameter.