Bushnell 119466 Camcorder User Manual

Field Scan
On, Off Turns Field Scan (Time Lapse) recording
mode on/off. Pressing OK with On
selected will go to the Set Field Scan
screen, which allows you to set the Start
and Stop times in hours (0-24) and
minutes (00-59).This is setting the time
each day for recording to begin and end
(24 -hr clock, so 13:00 hours=1PM).
Use the RIGHT key to step through the
fields, and use UP/DOWN to change
the settings. After you set the “Stop”
minutes, the next press of the RIGHT
arrow key will jump to the screen for set-
ting the Interval (how often the Trophy
Cam will wake up and record). You
can select 60, 30, 15, 5 or 1 minutes
(default is 5M).
Video Sound
(only affects
video clips)
On, Off Select “On” to record audio along with
the video when the camera is set to
video mode (saved file sizes will be
slightly larger).
Default Set
Select “Execute” and press OK to
restore all parameters to the original
factory default settings. If the camera is
behaving oddly and you think you may
have changed the setting for something
accidently (but aren’t sure which one),
this will reset all parameters to their
most commonly used or “generic”