GE A950-BK Digital Camera User Manual

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If the LCD monitor is damaged, take particular
care with the liquid crystal in the monitor. If any
of the following situations arise, take the urgent
action indicated.
If liquid crystal comes in contact with your skin, wipe
the area with a cloth and then wash thoroughly with
soap and running water.
If liquid crystal gets into your eye, ush the aected
eye with clean water for at least 15 minutes and
then seek medical assistance.
If liquid crystal is swallowed, ush your mouth
thoroughly with water. Drink large quantities of
water and induce vomiting. Then seek medical
About the LCD screen
When you turn the camera on, various icons are shown
on the LCD screen to indicate the current camera set-
tings and status. To learn more about the displayed
icons, see “LCD Screen display” on page 32.
LCD Screen notes:
Extremely high-precision technology had been used to
manufacture the LCD screen so that most of the pixels
are operational for use. However, there may be some
minute points (black, white, red, blue or green) that
constantly appear on the LCD screen. These points are
normal in the manufacturing process and the recording
is not aected in any way.