GE A950-BK Digital Camera User Manual

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Pan-Capture Panorama
Returning to the Scene selection menu
1. In Scene mode, press the button to activate the
main function menu.
2. Select the “SCENE” menu option and then press the
button to return to the to Scene selection menu.
The main function menu also allows you congure image
quality and image size. Please refer to the "Advanced
Functions Menu" section on pages 25 for detailed
Panorama mode allows you to create a panoramic
picture. The camera will automatically compose a pan-
oramic picture using the individual shots that you take.
Follow these steps to create a panoramic picture:
1. Turn the mode dial to the Panorama Stitching Mode.
Then enter the Still menu to Select either Auto
Stitching or Manual Stitching (Please refer to Page53
to enter the Still menu.)
2. Set the mode dial to Panorama mode ( ).