GE A950-BK Digital Camera User Manual

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In Manual Scene mode, you can select from a total of
12 scene types to match your needs. You just need to
select the right scene for the occasion and the camera
will automatically adjust to the optimal settings for you.
To enter the scene mode, turn the mode dial to Manual
Scene mode. The scene mode palette appears.
Use Up/Down/Left/Right to select a scene, and press
the button.
For shooting fast-moving objects. Bring lively pictures
to life.
Suitable for photographing children and pets. The
ash shuts o automatically in order not to disturb the
subject being photographed.
For shooting people indoors. Clearly show background
and atmosphere.
For shooting plants. Vivid reproduction of green.
Suitable for snowy landscape. Camera automatically
adjusts and corrects exposure value (EV).
Manual Scene mode (SCN)