GE A950-BK Digital Camera User Manual

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Setup menu
Mode :
The Setup menu is available in all modes. Press the
button in any modes, then use the navigation buttons
to select the Setup menu.
To congure the settings:
1. In the Setting menu, press the
Up/Down button to
switch between the page numbers of the function
menu, and press the Right button to enter the
Setting menu option.
2. Switch between various functions with the
Down button.
3. Press the
Right button to enter the sub-menu.
Refer to the following sections for more detailed infor-
mation on each setting.
Format Memory
Please note: formatting enables you to delete all
contents in the memory card and built-in memory,
including protected photo and movie les.
To use this setting:
1. Select the
Format Memory setting from the Setup
menu as described previously.
2. Use the
Left/Right navigation buttons to select Yes
or No, and press the button to conrm.