GE A950-BK Digital Camera User Manual

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Smile Detection
With the camera's new "smile detection"feature, which
automatically detects and captures a person smiling,
you'll never miss a smile.
1. While in shooting mode, press the
repeatedly until appears on the LCD. This icon
indicates that the camera is in Smile Detection mode.
2. Point the camera at the subject until the subject's
face is detected and bracketed by a square box.
Press the shutter button all the way down and
release the shutter button. The camera will now
'wait' for the subject to smile.
3. When the subject smiles, the camera will automatically
release the shutter and capture the photo.
4. To disable the automatic shutter release, press the
shutter again .
A face must be detected by the camera in order for
smile detection to function correctly.
For optimal detection results, the subject should be
framed to occupy most of the screen space.