JVC GR-D350EW Digital Camera User Manual

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The camcorder needs to be powered up to load
or eject a cassette.
1 Slide and hold OPEN/EJECT in the direction
of the arrow, then pull the cassette holder cover
open until it locks. The cassette holder opens
Do not touch internal components.
2 Insert or remove a tape and press “PUSH” to
close the cassette holder.
Be sure to press only the section labelled “PUSH”
to close the cassette holder; touching other parts
may cause your finger to get caught in the
cassette holder, resulting in injury or product
Once the cassette holder is closed, it recedes
automatically. Wait until it recedes completely
before closing the cassette holder cover.
When the battery pack’s charge is low, you may
not be able to close the cassette holder cover. Do
not apply force. Replace the battery pack with a
fully charged one or use AC power before
3 Close the cassette holder cover firmly until it
locks into place.
To protect valuable recordings
Slide the erase protection tab on the back of the
tape in the direction of “SAVE”. This prevents the
tape from being recorded over. To record on this
tape, slide the tab back to “REC” before loading
If you wait a few seconds and the cassette holder
does not open, close the cassette holder cover
and try again. If the cassette holder still does not
open, turn the camcorder off then on again.
If the tape does not load properly, open the
cassette holder cover fully and remove the
cassette. A few minutes later, insert it again.
When the camcorder is suddenly moved from a
cold place to a warm environment, wait a short
time before opening the cassette holder cover.
Loading/Unloading A Cassette
Make sure the window side
is facing out.
Cassette holder
Cassette holder
protection tab
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