JVC GR-D350EW Digital Camera User Manual

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Before recording important video, be sure to
make a trial recording.
Play back your trial recording to make sure the
video and audio have been recorded properly.
We recommend cleaning your video heads
before use.
If you haven’t used your
camcorder for a while, the
heads may be dirty. We
recommend periodically
cleaning the video heads
with a cleaning cassette
Be sure to store your cassette tapes and
camcorder in the proper environment.
Video heads can become dirty more easily if your
cassette tapes and camcorder are stored in a
dusty area. Cassette tapes should be removed
from the camcorder and stored in cassette cases.
Store the camcorder in a bag or other container.
Use SP (Standard) mode for important video
LP (Long Play) mode lets you record 50% more
video than SP (Standard) mode, but you may
experience mosaic-like noise during playback
depending on the tape characteristics and the
usage environment.
So, for important recordings, we recommend
using SP mode.
For safety and reliability.
It is recommended only genuine JVC batteries
and accessories are used in this camcorder.
This product includes patented and other
proprietary technology and will operate only
with JVC Data Battery. Use the JVC
BNVF707U/VF714U/VF733U battery packs.
Using generic non-JVC batteries can cause
damage to the internal charging circuitry.
Make sure you only use cassettes with the
Mini DV mark .
Remember that this camcorder is intended for
private consumer use only.
Any commercial use without proper permission is
prohibited. (Even if you record an event such as a
show, performance or exhibition for personal
enjoyment, it is strongly recommended that you
obtain permission beforehand).
DO NOT leave the unit
- in place of over 50°C (122°F)
- in place where humidity is extremely low (below
35%) or extremely high (80%).
- in direct sunlight.
- in a closed car in summer.
- near a heater.
The LCD monitor is made with high-precision
technology. However, black spots or bright spots
of light (red, green or blue) may appear constantly
on the LCD monitor. These spots are not
recorded on the tape. This is not due to any
defect of the unit. (Effective dots: more than
Do not leave the battery pack attached when the
camcorder is not in use and check the unit
regularly whether it is working or not.
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