JVC GR-D350EW Digital Camera User Manual

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If, after following the steps in the chart below, the
problem still exists, please consult your nearest
JVC dealer.
The power is not connected properly.
HConnect the AC Adapter securely. (pg. 14)
The battery pack is not attached firmly.
HDetach the battery pack once again and re-attach
it firmly. (pg. 12)
The battery is dead.
HReplace the dead battery with a fully charged
one. (pg. 12)
Video Recording
The tape’s erase protection tab is set to “SAVE”.
HSet the tape’s erase protection tab to “REC”.
(pg. 17)
“TAPE END” appears.
HReplace with new cassette. (pg. 17)
The cassette holder cover is open.
HClose the cassette holder cover.
This is not a malfunction.
This is not a malfunction.
“DATE/TIME” is set to “OFF”.
HSet “DATE/TIME” to “ON”. (pg. 23, 25)
Effect and “DIS” functions that cannot be used
together are selected at the same time.
HRe-read the sections Effects and “DIS”.
(pg. 23, 24)
32X optical zoom is selected.
HSet “ZOOM” to “64X” or “900X”. (pg. 24)
Video Playback
Your TV has AV input terminals, but is not set to
its VIDEO mode.
HSet the TV to the mode or channel appropriate for
video playback. (pg. 22)
The cassette holder cover is open.
HClose the cassette holder cover. (pg. 17)
HClean the video heads with an optional cleaning
cassette. (pg. 41)
Advanced features
Focus is set to the Manual mode.
HSet Focus to the Auto mode. (pg. 28)
The lens is dirty or covered with condensation.
HClean the lens and check the focus again.
(pg. 39)
The 16:9 wide mode (
16:9 indicator) is
HDisengage the (
16:9 indicator) 16:9 wide
mode. (pg. 27)
The camcorder is a microcomputer-controlled
device. External noise and interference (from a
TV, a radio, etc.) might prevent it from
functioning properly. In such cases, first
disconnect its power supply unit (battery pack,
AC Adapter, etc.) and wait a few minutes; and
then re-connect it and proceed as usual from
the beginning.
No power is supplied.
Recording cannot be performed.
When shooting a subject illuminated by
bright light, vertical lines appear.
When the screen is under direct sunlight
during shooting, the screen becomes red or
black for an instant.
During recording, the date/ time does not
The LCD monitor or viewfinder indications
Digital Zoom does not work.
The tape is moving, but there is no picture.
Blocks of noise appear during playback, or
there is no playback picture and the screen
becomes blue.
The focus does not adjust automatically.
Snapshot mode cannot be used.
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