Vivitar 3615 Digital Camera User Manual

Using the Self-timer
The Self-timer can only be set under Record mode
To use the Self-Timer function, perform the following:
1. Press the Self-Timer button
to activate the Self-timer.
2. Press and hold the Shutter button down half way to focus the objects automatically.
3. Press the Shutter button down fully. After 10 seconds, the camera takes a picture.
(Pictures can only be taken until the focus is locked.)
Note: The Self-timer is designed to count down for 10 seconds. In the first 7 seconds,
the indicator blinks at a rate relatively slow and then blinks rapidly for the last 3
Setting the Focus (Auto, Macro or Infinity Mode)
Normally, this camera can focus the objects automatically when taking pictures.
However, this camera provides additional 2 focus modes to meet your needs. Refer to
the table below to choose and set the appropriate focus mode before taking pictures.