Vivitar 3615 Digital Camera User Manual

Power Button
Press the Power button
to turn on/off the camera. While the camera is powered on and
there is no button activity or host communication for about 90 seconds, the camera will
automatically turn itself off to conserve battery power (standby) meanwhile press any
button or rotate the Mode Dial will bring the camera back immediately. If there is no any
activity for 3 minutes, the system power will be off and you will have to press the Power
to turn it on.
Shutter Button
The Shutter button is only active in Record mode
. You may press the button in
Record mode
for image capturing, processing and storing. Before photo shooting,
please make sure that your camera has available free space for image storage and there is
appropriate light for a successful image capturing.
Self-Timer Button
The Self-Timer button
is active only in Record mode . When the Self-Timer
is pressed, the 10-second self-timer is enabled. To disable the self-timer
function, do any of the following: