Vivitar 3615 Digital Camera User Manual

The Macro mode is used when the distance to the subject is between 0.2~0.6M. Do not
use the macro mode for subjects outside of this range. To record small objects, like
flowers or insects, you can use macro mode.
The Infinity mode is used to record landscapes and distant objects. It can also be used
for compositions combining both near and distant objects.
Note: The setting is reset to Auto if the camera power is off.
LCD Brightness
Changes the brightness setting (-5 ~ +5, Interval =1) of the LCD display.
Press the OK button to select this item. The cursor skips to the data field as the OK
button being pressed.
Use the Arrow buttons(
) to increase/decrease the LCD brightness. Press the OK
button again to make the change. The cursor returns to the Record menu automatically
when the change is made.
Note: The setting is conserved even if the camera power is off.