Vivitar 3615 Digital Camera User Manual

The approximate color temperature of the 4 above white balance settings (except Auto
white balance) will be Sun = 5500K, Shade = 6000K, Fluorescent = 4000K and
Tungsten = 2850K.
Note: The setting is reset to AUTO when the camera power is off.
EV Compensation
Adjusts the exposure compensation over a range of -1.8 to +1.8 EV in steps of 0.3 EV.
Select the item by the Arrow buttons(
) and then press the OK button to confirm.
The cursor skips to the data field as the OK button being pressed. Use the Arrow
) to increase/decrease the EV compensation value (-1.8 ~ +1.8). Press the
OK button again to make the change. The cursor returns to the Record menu
automatically when the change is made.
Note: This setting is reset to 0.0 when the camera power is off.