Vivitar 3615 Digital Camera User Manual

Downloading Images
1. Plug one end of USB to computer.
2. Power on the camera.
3. Switch the Mode Dial to Computer mode
4. Plug the other end of USB to the camera.
5. Double-click My Computer icon on the desktop and find the Removable Disk.
6. Drag and drop the images in the removable disk mentioned above to the folder in your
hard disk.
7. Once the copy process has been completed, the images then successfully have
downloaded from the camera to your computer.
Editing Images
Using MGI Photo Suite
MGI Photo Suite is a very user-friendly image-editing program. With Photo Suite, you
can breezily retouch, compose and organize your images in just seconds. It contains a
variety of templates, such as photo frames, birthday cards, calendars and other fun stuffs.
Get your images ready and go explore this amazing program.