Vivitar 3615 Digital Camera User Manual

Display Button
The LCD button is only active in Record
and Play modes . While in Record
, press the Display button will toggle the LCD Monitor on and off. In Play
, press the Display button to review the images in the following 3 modes:
1. Single image display
2. Single image display with image information overlay
3. Multi-image (3x3 thumbnail) display
Menu Button
The Menu button is active in Record
/ Play / Delete modes. Press the Menu
to turn on the Record/ Play/ Delete menus. To access the Record/ Play/
Delete menu, simply rotate the Mode Dial to Record
/ Play / Delete modes and
press the Menu button
. To turn off the menu, press the Menu button again.
OK Button
The OK button is active any time a menu or dialog is displayed. Use the button to
select/confirm the currently highlighted item.