GE UV-1 Camera Accessories User Manual

2. General Description
2. General Description
2.1 Basic principle
GE Healthcare LKB Monitor UV-1 consists of an optical unit
containing the flow cell, lamp, filter assemblies and preamplifiers, and a
control unit containing the signal processing circuits. The two units are
connected via a multi-core cable hardwired from the control unit to
the optical unit. Connection to the recorder and the mains supply is
made via the control unit.
The single path Monitor UV-1 is a dual beam instrument with a
sample cell and a reference cell. Optical path lengths are 10 mm,
3 mm, or 2 mm depending upon the flow cell chosen.
Flow cell S-2 has only the sample cell.
The sample cell and reference cell are angled to receive light from the
same point in the lamp (Fig. 1) thus assuring a stable base-line by
negating the effects of variations in lamp intensity.
The lamp is powered by a stabilized DC to AC converter operating at
20 kHz to maximize its efficiency. Lamp output is independent of
variations in the line voltage.
Light from the lamp passes through an aperture (254 nm, 405 nm) or
a fluorescence converter (280 nm) and through the reference cell and
sample cell. The light output from each cell passes through an
interference filter and falls onto a solid state photo-detector whose
output is a linear function of the light intensity (Fig. 1 and Fig. 2).
Fig. 1. Optical path.