GE UV-1 Camera Accessories User Manual

2. General Description
Rear panel controls
Fig. 4.
Optical unit. Rear panel.
No. Item Description
6 Locking knob The cell holder is in locked position when the locking
knob is turned fully in the direction of the arrow
7 Filter inlet Filters, converters or apertures are inserted in the
positions indicated. When inserting them, align
8 Converter or the arrowhead on the end of the filter or converter
Aperturewith the arrowhead next to the appropriate
opening. Filters, converters and apertures must be
pressed fully
9 Support rod Enables the optical unit to be mounted on laboratory
scaffolding. The rod may be secured in either of two
positions by a screw and a guide-pin
10 Support rod Alternative position for support rod
11 Multi-core cable Connects the optical unit to the control unit via
an 11-pin plug with a snap-lock. For disconnection
squeeze the ribbed sides of the plug firmly and pull
Warning: The optical unit contains a UV-source which is exposed
if the cover is removed.
9 Guide pin Screw 7 10 8