GE UV-1 Camera Accessories User Manual

2. General Description
2.3 Control unit
Front panel controls
Fig. 5.
Control unit. Front panel.
No. Item Description
12 Absorbance range Selector for the desired absorbance range
selector 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 or 2 AU full scale
deflection. In the position SHORT, the signal output
terminals are disconnected from the rest of the control
circuitry and short-circuited. This position is useful when
setting zero on the recorder.
13 Mode switch The AU / % T switch, enables the UV-1 to be used
AU or %T to monitor the absorbance or transmission of a flowing
liquid. When the UV-1 is used in the AU mode, each of
the other position corresponds to the optical
absorbance which will give a full scale deflection (fsd)
on a recorder with a sensitivity of 10 mV. Absorbances
are measured relative to air or a liquid which is present
in the reference cell
When the recorder is used together with UV-1 in the
% T mode, the absorbance range selector switch is
used, together with baseline adjust, to adjust the
recorder response corresponding to 100 % T
14 Baseline adjust Ten-turn potentiometer to adjust the recorder baseline
15 Indicator lamp Indicates power is on
16 Mains switch The UV-1 is turned on by switching this knob in the ON
(upper) position. The indicator lamp will light to show
that the mains voltage is on