JVC GZ-HM960U Camera Accessories User Manual

[] Face registration
By registering the face of a person beforehand, focus and brightness can be adjusted
automatically by the face tracking function. Up to 6 faces, together with names and
priority levels, can be registered. It is recommended to register the faces that are often
being recorded by this camera beforehand.
For details, refer to "Registering Human Face Personal Authentication Information" in
the Detailed User Guide.
"TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF" isa function that adjusts focus and brightness based on a
tapped position. By default, "TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF" in the recording menu is set to
"FACE TRACKING". When the face within a frame on the screen is tapped, appropriate
focus and brightness will be adjusted for the tapped face (person).
Inaddition, the setting screen can be displayed by pressingthe AF button. (for GZ-
For details, refer to "Capturing Subjects Clearly (TOUCH PRIORITY AE/AF)" in the
Detailed User Guide.
For more information, refer to the Detailed User Guide
16 http://manual.jvc.co.jp/index.html/