JVC GZ-HM960U Camera Accessories User Manual

_ Viewing of 3D images is not recommended for people with medical history of
photosensitivity, with heart diseases, feel unwell, suffer from lack of sleep,
suffer from fatigue, or are drunk,
= Medical conditions may worsen.
if you have vision problems such as short-sightedness, !ong-sightedness, varying
vision in the left and right eyes, or astigmatism, it is recommended to correct your
vision by wearing glasses, etc.
Stop viewing of 3D images if you see double images.
3D images may appear differently for different people. Correct your vision
appropriately before viewing the 3D images.
m Stop viewing of 3D images if you experience fatigue or discomfort.
Continual viewing of the 3D images may result in health problems.
Take an adequate rest.
Viewing of 3D images in anenvironment where shaking of the monitor isexpected, such
as while riding ina vehicle orduring walking, may resultin fatigue ordiscomfort.
m if you experience fatigue or discomfort while recording or viewing 3D
images on the LCD monitor, set the display to 2D.
Continual viewing of the 3D images may result in health problems.
m Rest well after viewing 3D images.
m Take a break every 30 to 60 minutes when viewing 3D images.
Long periods of viewing may cause visual fatigue.
m Keep a distance of at least 3 times the effective height of the screen when
viewing 3D images on a 3D compatible TV.
Recommended : 42" TV: approx. 1.6 m (5'3"),
distance 46" TV: approx. 1.7 m (5'6-7/8"),
50" TV: approx. 1.9 m (6'2-3/4"),
54" TV: approx. 2.0 m (6'6-3/4")
m Viewing of 3D images isonly recommended for ages 5 to 6 and above.
= Guardians should pay close attention to children as health problems may result if
fatigue and discomfort are not noticed immediately.
For more information, refer to the Detailed User Guide