Sealife SL512 Digital Camera User Manual

III. Basic Camera Operation (cont’d)
6. When the camera is charging, the large battery icon
in center of display will blink from one to three bars
repeatedly. The icon will show three solid bars when the
battery is fully charged.
7. After 1 minute of charging, the display will go to sleep
in order to save power and charge faster. Push any
button to turn on display and see battery charging
After 1 minute, the camera will go into power save mode and display
will turn off while camera continues charging.
• Push the SHUTTER button to show battery charging status. Flashing
icon means battery is still charging. Solid icon means battery is
finished charging.
• The camera may also be charged when connected to a computer USB
port; however, charging takes twice as long as charging with wall charger.
• The wall charger may be fitted with one of the 3 international plug types.
Pushing the MENU button while the camera is charging will stop
charging and show USB option screen.
• See troubleshooting tips on page 47 if camera doesn’t connect to