Sealife SL512 Digital Camera User Manual

VI. Menu Navigation (cont’d)
Light Frequency
To avoid flicker effect when taking pictures indoors under
fluorescent lighting, select 60Hz for USA and other countries
using 110-120V electrical system. Select 50Hz for countries using
220-240V electrical system.
Date Stamp
Turning Date Stamp ON will imprint the data and time on the
bottom right corner of each picture. Not available for videos.
Memory Available
Shows how much internal memory is available for storage. The
camera uses some internal memory for operating system files, so
28.9GB and 58.2GB of memory is available for 32GB and 64GB
models, respectively.
This is the username used for making wireless connection to a
smartphone or tablet. The default name is “SeaLife Micro 2.0”
and it can be changed in the SeaLife Micro Cam app.