Sealife SL512 Digital Camera User Manual

good exposure of brighter objects located in the center
of the image frame, especially when using an external
photo-video light.
Average: The entire area of the screen is measured, and the
exposure is calculated.
Photo Time Lapse
Records still images at pre-set time intervals of 2 sec, 5 sec, 10
sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min and 30 min. Useful for shooting a
sequence of pictures without holding the camera or disturbing
the subject. Later, you can select the best image or combine
all the images into a time lapse video using video editing
software. This menu setting will only appear when Capture
Mode is set to Time Lapse.
Video Time Lapse
Records video at very slow frame rate of 1, 2, 5 or 10
seconds and plays back at standard 30 frames per second.
Useful for recording very slow moving subjects, like sunset,
starfish walking, plant growing, etc. A 30 minute time lapse
video recorded at 1 second frame rate will play back in 1
minute. Push video button to start / stop time lapse video.
Turn Video Time Lapse OFF to disable this feature.
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