Sealife SL512 Digital Camera User Manual

VII. Great Underwater Pictures Made Easy
Shoot many pictures of the same subject - if you don’t like
it, delete it later
One of the great advantages of digital cameras is that you can
review and delete pictures later, so shoot several pictures of the same
subject. One of the best ways to learn underwater photography is by
comparing your good pictures and bad pictures.
Use a Sea Dragon Underwater Photo/Video/Dive Light to
enhance color and brightness
Water filters out light and red/yellow colors resulting in darker, blue
images. The Dive and Snorkel modes will correct for lost colors,
but are only effective to a depth of about 60ft/18m, depending on
available sunlight and water visibility. The most effective way to
compensate for lost colors is by using a Sea Dragon Photo/Video/
Dive light. The light easily mounts to the bottom of the camera.
The Flex-Connect system of trays, grips, flexible arms and adapters
can click together and apart in seconds without tools, for compact
travel. Two lights can be mounted to the camera for wide angle
Pan very slowly or not at all
When recording video, keep the camera aimed steady at the subject.
Avoid making any sudden or jerky movements. If you pan the
camera, move it very, very slowly or you will get seasick watching
it later. A better way is to slowly move the camera off of the subject,
stop recording, change the angle or distance, then start the recording