Sealife SL512 Digital Camera User Manual

VIII. Optional Accessories (cont’d)
AquaPod (SL913)
The SeaLife AquaPod allows for close up underwater photos and
videos while maintaining a comfortable distance between you
and your subject. It’s ideal for exciting shark images and video, as
well as easily frightened ocean species.
Rotate the Micro camera on the AquaPod for self-portrait images.
Easy to use and hold steady, both above and below the water, the
AquaPod extends from 18 inches (46cm) to 53 inches (135cm).
To shoot still images, simply set the camera to “Time Lapse”
mode, allowing it to automatically shoot at set time intervals.
For videos, just push the video button on the camera and start
shooting. For best results, make smooth and gentle movements so
the lens stays focused on your subject.