Sealife SL512 Digital Camera User Manual

VI. Menu Navigation (cont’d)
Field of View (FOV)
This adjusts the camera’s field of view (or viewing angle).
This setting is not available for high frame rate video
recordings greater than 60fps. Changing the field of view
setting maintains the original picture resolution.
Wide 130°
Useful for shooting bigger subject close up so you
can fit everything into the image frame.
Medium 100°
Useful for shooting medium sized subjects close up
so you can fit everything into the image frame.
Narrow 80°
Useful for shooting smaller-sized subjects close up
and fill the image frame.
Picture Resolution
Select among 8 different resolutions and aspect ratios
depending on how you want to compose the picture.
4:3 and 3:2 are the most common picture aspect ratios. 3:2
aspect ratio was used by original 35mm film cameras and
most DSLR’s, and is useful for composing landscapes or
slightly wider scenes. 4:3 aspect ratio is used by micro four-
thirds and compact digital cameras, and is utilizing the full
frame size of the image sensor. 16:9 is a wide-screen format
commonly used to view pictures on an HD TV, smartphone
or other wide screen devices.