Sealife SL512 Digital Camera User Manual

VII. Great Underwater Pictures Made Easy
Limit video clips to 10 seconds or less
It’s better to record many short clips than a few long videos. Shorter
clips are much easier to share and edit. Remember, a 30 second clip
is about 35MB – 10 times more than one 13 megapixel still image.
Shorter video clips can be stitched together using video editting
software like MicroSoft Movie Maker, Apple iMovie and Youtube.
You can also add music and titles to produce a dramatic movie of
your diving adventure.
Correcting fisheye lens barrel distortion
The built-in fisheye lens allows you to get close to the subject and
still fit everything into the picture. The Micro 2.0 camera features
built in barrel distortion correction. Some pictures taken of straight
objects, like a tree or horizon, may still appear slightly bent.
There are many photo editing programs available that can correct
this barrel distortion effect. Here is a BEFORE and AFTER example
corrected with software called ShiftN, which is a free download.