Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

Section 2
Getting Started
Loading the Battery
Before using the camcorder, users must load the Lithium-
ion rechargeable battery come within the package.
Insert the battery according to the correct polarity 1.
marks (+ or -).
Close the battery cover rmly.2.
Please remove the insulator on battery connection
before use.
Inserting and Removing an SD Card (Optional)
The camcorder comes with an internal memory which allows you to store pictures and movies. You
can expand the memory capacity by using an optional SD/SDHC memory card.
Insert the memory card into the slot. Please refer to the 1.
gure on the right side.
To remove an installed SD card, press the card inwards 2.
to release it.
When the card pops out, gently remove it from its slot.3.
Recommended memory capacity: 1GB or above.4.
When a memory card is tted, movies/pictures are saved on the card rather than on the built-
in memory.
Protecting Data on an SD Card: SD Card is read-only when it is locked. No pictures or
movies can be recorded when the SD card is locked. Make sure the lock is on the writeable
position before recording any media.