Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

Movie Playback
Operation Display Screen
When in Movie Playback mode, press Record 1.
Button to play/pause the movies.
While playing movie, press Right/Left Buttons to 2.
fast forward/rewind, then release the button to
Use Up/Down Buttons to adjust volume3. .
When the LCD is idle for a few seconds, the playback function icons will disappear
Delete Movies
Operation Display Screen
Use Right/Left Buttons to select the movies.1.
Press OK Button to go to the Delete option.2.
Move between [Yes], [All] and [No] by using 3.
Right/Left Buttons.
Before all movies are deleted, a conrmation 4.
screen will appear; choosing “Yes” will execute
the operation and “No” will cancel the operation
Press OK Button to validate the setting.5.
If a memory card has been inserted, you can only delete those movies stored on the card.
Movies on a written-protected memory card cannot be deleted.